I have taken on the task of editing my Master …

I have taken on the task of editing my Master Naturalist chapter’s newsletter, which means:

  1. I am way way way overcommitting myself
  2. Therefore it was 2 months late (ish… it’s the Jan/Feb issue and IT’S STILL FEB)
  3. I haven’t slept in three days because it HAD to get DONE
  4. It’s freaking awesome

I made up a new article where I put things in the electron microscope and talk about how cool they are. This post is those images, except since I love you tumblr peeps so much, you get a special bonus photo of the leafhopper before the microscope (the ruler is in mm… it’s tiny!)

I put up a screencap of my article in here, but if you want to see the rest of my masterpiece (and also learn more about what Master Naturalists do!), you can check out the whole issue here: Lost Pines Master Naturalist 2018 Newsletter Issue 1 [link]

I’d say how relieved I am about finally being able to sleep (this thing has been haunting me for two straight months), except I stayed at work to finish this newsletter, and it’s 11 pm now, and I still haven’t had lunch! Ha ha ha ha ha, no sleep for me! *cries*

February 20, 2018