Scientists studied ‘lazy lawn mowers.’ It turn…

Scientists studied ‘lazy lawn mowers.’ It turns out they’re saving the bees, study finds:






Neighbors might not thank you if you cut back on mowing the lawn, but your local pollinators will.

Becoming a “lazy lawn mower” and trimming the grass every two weeks, rather than weekly, can help foster vital bee habitat in suburban yards, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

More time between mowings means more lawn flowers (like clover and dandelions) have time to bloom in the yard, researchers said — and those blooming flowers can help improve struggling bee populations and increase biodiversity.


Another way you can save bees!

“Weeds” to you is food for native bees!

This is actually my parent’s yard. But you can hide your weedy bits for pollinators including native bees and butterflies by leaving a space behind your flower beds or behind your shed for the weeds. 

True story, I had a lawn care person come up to my door and try to sell me lawn service and herbicide bc my yard is just naturally 50% weeds (

Florida pusley clover what not) and 50 % super sad grass (its Florida and it’s been several dry years and my family does not water the grass bc waste of water). And I just looked at her after she called my lawn unruly and was like I like my lawn that way and so do the butterflies. 

I mow my front yard because my HOA will fine me if I don’t. But my backyard is another story–never mowed it once since I moved here two years ago. So far I’ve documented over 600 species of plants and animals (mostly bugs because… I mean come on), although I’ve learned that letting it “go wild” and fend for itself only works as long as the invasive grasses don’t choke everything else out. I’ve been putting out Saint Augustine and Rescue grass out by the roots almost every day and I swear it’s a never ending battle. Those grasses plus catchweed are the only things I really consider weeds.

I HATE SAINT AUGUSTINE GRASS SO MUCH. It’s terrible. Like when it rains so much it just creates hidden puddles that you sink into. And its so hard to pull out when it decides to invade the flower bed. Plus it sucks so much water to stay green and I am anti having to water grass. 

Saint Augustine is my mortal enemy, Whenever I’m stressed out I’ll go in the yard and pull out as much of it as I can. It grows SO fast and I have to mow the front lawn, and I hate mowing the lawn. It’s a waste of time and energy and I get so upset when I scare the poor spiders and other nocturnal friends. And that stupid grass makes it so I have to mow ALL THE TIME.