Ever wonder how spiders do it? Well, here ya g…

Ever wonder how spiders do it? Well, here ya go!

Male spiders have special organs at the end of their pedipalps (their leg-like mouthparts) which they use to transfer sperm to the female. Females have genital structures called the epigyne or the epigynum, located about where you would expect their bellybutton to be if they had one. So mating spiders tend to look like one of them is eating the other. That’s actually what I thought was happening until I learned more about spiders!

These spiders are Long-Jawed Orbweavers (genus Tetragnatha). The reason for the name is pretty apparent when you see them:

For whatever reason, they had a great mating season last year, and there are HUGE long-jaws EVERYWHERE! It’s great 😀

Photos from March 16 & 18 / Posted March 29, 2018