ms-demeanor:This is my friend’s meme and I’m s…


This is my friend’s meme and I’m so proud of her, Nano I saw you on my dash! Cool people are sharing your moths!

The fun part is when I see my own posts on my dash after somebody I follow reblobs them.

I’m so proud of my inexplicably popular moths and their massive fan bases
Flannel Babies have over 2600 notes [link]
Almost 1900 notes on Cocoon Watch 2018/caterpillar liveposting [link]
Aggressively vibrating sphinx has over 600 and is only a few weeks old [link]
Getting peed on by an io moth (gifset) has over 600 also [link]

As I’ve mentioned, the moth obsession on this hellsite is strange but I’m on board. I’ve got plenty of moths where these ones came from… The only things I lack are the TIME and internet access to post them. I’m sitting on a mountain of moths and they want out!

Anyway I’m headed out to Bioblitz with other bug nerds in the desert on the Rio Grande this weekend and OH BOY the bugs will be great.