You're ant dick ask reminded me of someth…

You're ant dick ask reminded me of something I have been wondering for a long time: Do Atlas moth and other moths lacking mouth parts have an anus?

Why you hiding under an ANON???  This is an AWESOME question!  You know, I’m not entirely sure.  I do know that Saturniids have working mouths and anuses as larvae, but then “lose” the mouthparts as adults- I suspect they still have remnants of a digestive system, and excretory system… but then maybe no?  According to Judy and Gilbert (1969): 

“Changes in the anatomy of the alimentary canal are described during the life of the cecropia moth, Hyalophoracecropia (L.), with particular attention given to the transformations from larva to pupa and pupa to adult. During the development of the pupa, the larval foregut and hindgut empty and collapse to form narrow tubes, but the most dramatic change is the deterioration of the mass of cryptonephric tubules and the subsequent development of rectal pads in the adult rectum. In general, the changes from larva to pupa are degenerative. During development of the adult, a crop is formed from the posterior foregut. It is postulated that the crop is a compensatory mechanism for maintaining hemocoel volume when hemolymph is pumped into the wings of the adult shortly after ecdysis.”

So maybe not?  I want to know too!  I’ll post this in my Facebook bug group (Spider/Bug Questions with Thebuggirl) and I’ll comment here anything else I find out!