nanonaturalist: I have never filled a hummingb…


I have never filled a hummingbird feeder so fast in my life.

A while ago, I set out the feeder hoping for swarms of hummers. No bites though. Instead, I attracted a million ants who happily drowned themselves in it and it got covered in bird poop because the other birds are RUDE.

Just now though, I was sitting with Zinnia (cat) on my lap, and a lady hummer came up to the feeder. But the feeder was disgusting so she zipped around looking for food, while I scrambled to get the cat OUT OF MY LAP so I could get a picture. But I wasn’t fast enough.

I ran outside, grabbed the gross feeder, and set to cleaning it out while water to dissolve the nectar powder was heating up. The hummer came back again while I was doing this and sampled the suet (did not seem to approve) before disappearing again.

Feeder cleaned, nectar was poured into it and I sat it in the freezer long enough to cool it down to “not boiling.” Then I RAN outside to hang the feeder. Less than a minute later, the lady hummer came back! In the second photo, you can see her little tongue!

She is a Black-chinned Hummingbird, very common in central Texas. They are cousins to Ruby-throated Hummers and have the cutest little chirps.

April 22, 2018 (happy Earth Day!)

UPDATE: SHE IS A RUBY-THROATED!!!! See my reblog for more photos!!

The hummers are flocking to the feeder. A male showed up—a Ruby-throated male!!! I took a closer look at the females. The female Rubies have white tips on the underside of their tails, Black-chinned do not. These are ALL Rubies!! Check out the lady’s tongue!!

I have the Black-chinned hummers in the front, though. This is great!!!