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Preorders are now live for the brand-new Invertebrate Fossil bandanas and Spider bandanas!
Each comes in two colors as shown. These will all be screenprinted
as usual on 22" square standard size, 100% cotton

bandanas, made in the USA by the same folks who’ve helped me with all my
previous designs over the years! Both of these themes have been highly requested for a long time, so I’m super excited to finally present them both!

🐚 Light Invertebrate Fossil Bandana & Dark Invertebrate Fossil Bandana
Black Spider Bandana & Purple Spider Bandana

By popular demand, restock preorders are also open for the Metallic Gold Honeybee bandana! You folks just keep wiping me out of these and asking for more. They’re coming!
Order your bandanas now to get them first after they arrive!


These designs and many more fabulous bug goodies available directly from the artist, only at! Rock the bug life & spread the word!

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There’s still time to preorder the new & backordered designs!

These bugdanas give me LIFE