nanonaturalist: My Io boy! I found him as a ca…


My Io boy! I found him as a caterpillar in October, he made his cocoon and pupated in early November, and he hibernated over the winter. Now it’s spring and he’s ready to get lucky!

I released him onto a mulberry sapling in the yard. The larger the moth, the harder it is convincing them to BE FREE JUST GO!! The ios are so sleepy.

April 20, 2018

Ask and ye shall receive!

@drearysighs and anybody else wondering: this is an io moth (Automeris io is the scientific name). The males and females are different colors so it’s easy to tell them apart! The males are yellow and the females are brown. In biology, this is called “sexual dimorphism” (when males and females look different).

They have eyespots on their bottom wing (hindwing is the technical term), which they will FLASH OPEN to scare you if they think you will eat them.

Below, please find some additional photos of males, females, a pupa, and an older caterpillar. They start out orange, then become yellow, then end up green right before making a cocoon and pupating!