City Nature Challenge 2018: Day 3 My allergie…

City Nature Challenge 2018: Day 3

My allergies are so bad, that with taking THREE DIFFERENT 24-hour antihistamines, I am completely miserable. My eyes are so itchy. My throat is so sore and swollen I’m having trouble breathing.

But, everything is amazing. I made a route plan for all four days, and am sticking to the primary locations but adding some as I find them and skipping others when the sun starts to set and places close. Every single place I have been to (and I’m losing track of how many… a lot…) has had a new species to add to my challenge list. Most places I am discovering something I’ve never sen before, and some things I am finding are so strange and unexpected that I have no idea wtf they even are.

1-3 Old Settler’s Park, Round Rock, Texas
Bluebonnet wildflower fields, newborn stink babies, my FIRST MONARCH CATERPILLAR!!!
4-5 Granger Lake, Granger (?), Texas (Friendship Park)
6 Elgin Memorial Park, Elgin, Texas

April 29, 2018