Hi! Want to try to decipher this behavior? I r…

Hi! Want to try to decipher this behavior? I realize there’s a lot going on here. I haven’t found much online about Nomada planking off leaves like this. Also, who’s that crashing the bachelorette party? Somebody making a pheromone mistake?

More Info: They all stayed there in roughly the same position for at least the three minutes I photographed (other than leg wiggles). Other Nomada were also trying to land on this prime rosemary branch real estate.

Very interesting! I can’t say that I know that much about bees and beehavior BUT I looked up Nomada and found this nugget of info: Nomada bees are cleptoparasitic, which means the females sneak into other bees’ nests and lay their eggs there. Nomada males hang out by the host bee nest entrance and mimic their hosts’ scent. Source at bugguide.net [link]. My guess is there is a host nest nearby, and the larger bee may be it. Also, everybody has to sleep sometime, and I’ve managed to catch bees doing it clinging to plants a few times (very cute!). Usually in the middle of the night though! Maybe it was a bit chilly when you found these?

Would love to know more about this behavior! Bees are so diverse and fascinating when you learn there’s more out there than honeybees and bumblebees!