Moffs & Butts

Apologies, if warranted, for spamming all y’alls feeds with moth propaganda reblogs. If you didn’t notice, I have some opinions about this topic (and also seeing so many people’s responses is making me fuzzy inside).

Had a GREAT TIME at the outreach event today. People learned all about insects, got to see our NATIVE giant walking sticks, and while the kids were looking at beetles in the microscope, parents started to get super interested and I lost count of how many of them showed me photos on their cell phones for ID help.

The biggest highlight for me, though: I was releasing a butterfly we caught to display. She walked onto my finger, like they do, and hung around for a few minutes. Somebody found an insect egg on a tree and I went over to look at it. A kid saw the butterfly on my finger, and asked if he could hold it. He was about 4-6 years old. And of course, I said YES YOU CAN HOLD HER. She walked onto his finger and hung out for a bit, and he was so absolutely awed that he lost the ability to speak and after the butterfly flew off, he was totally frozen in rapture and it took a minute before his little brain stopped glitching and returned to normal.

Perfect. I got photos but they are on the fancy camera so y’all have to wait, sorry! As a bonus: at the event, I saw my first coral snake (!!!) and he was eating another snake. Got those photos too. 😀

May 26, 2018