So I was planning to go to bed early so I was …

So I was planning to go to bed early so I was nice and refreshed for an outreach event tomorrow, but wanted to check the lights one more time for fun moths + beetles + bugs, and I see a GIANT MAYFLY. First one of these I’ve seen at the house!

I don’t know much about mayflies besides they have aquatic nymphs and two flighted forms. I thought a giant mayfly would be great to bring to the event tomorrow, so I put her in a nice container.

I check on her one more time before bed, and… two white balls were sticking out of her tail????? I got those photos on my camera. But the things kept coming out, and out, and out… she was visibly deflating as they came out of her.

Got these gifs because of the major wtf factor, the researched a bit. THESE ARE HER EGGS. So I put her butt into some shallow water, and they immediately dispersed into a milky cloud. Popped them in the microscope, and YUP!!!

Exciting!!!!! People tomorrow should get a kick out of these!

May 26, 2018 (just after midnight on the 25th—who needs sleep??)