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A ridiculously buggy day at work! Coworker told me she found a really cool bug in the hallway, and that she caught it for me and had it in a cup on her desk. I was expecting something interesting, but not too noteworthy. The building is overrun with crickets, isopods, june beetles, spiders, etc., so bugs in the hall aren’t usually something I haven’t seen before.

It was an assassin bug, of a genus I didn’t even know about. Rasahus biguttatus. No common name because they are not common. She was pretty tame after being in the cup in an air conditioned building, so I got her under the work microscope. She was too big to get all at once so I made a couple composites.

I went to take her outside. My building is next to an overgrown field and figured that was the best place for her. As soon as I left the building, I was pummeled by this dragonfly. I don’t know what was going on with it, but I also didn’t bring my phone because I was an idiot, and I really wanted dragonfly pictures, so… I was a little rude. Showed dragonfly to coworkers (“Look what I found!”), grabbed phone, went back out. I’m holding the cup with the assassin bug under my arm while I hold dragonfly in one hand and take photos with the other. Position the dragonfly’s legs onto my opposite hand so it can figure out where up was before taking off.

… except it didn’t. Meanwhile, I dropped the assassin bug cup while scrambling to take Free Dragonfly Loves Me photos, because dragonflies almost never behave (they go zoom instead). I take my photos, look down at the empty cup and look around to make sure she’s okay. I can’t find her. Where is she? Then I look at my clothes and she is happily exploring my shirt, climbs down to my pants, then I get a group photo. I put her back in the cup, and head over to the field. Assassin bug is released. Dragonfly won’t leave.

I see a nice tall thistle, and decide dragonflies love gazing upon their vast empires from tall thistles. I get to the thistle, am not completely surprised to see eastern leaf-footed bugs (they love thistles, ask me how I know). But I am surprised to see a new coloration pattern which may or may not be a separate species, then I see another one… dangling into the air with its head in the blossom? Oh wait, no, that’s a crab spider eating it. And oh, the other blossom is swarming with nymphs?

So I end up with an even more ridiculous group photo: dragonfly in the hand I’m using to position the thistle with the spider eating the leaf-footed bug, while nymphs crawl down the next stem over to my fingers…

And this all happened in five minutes. The dragonfly eventually flew away.

May 4, 2017

Flashback to this excellent day from last year. I really need to check out that field again. They’ve been mowing so no thistles or sunflowers this year. Also the building manager is SUPER EXCITED they’re going to pave over the whole thing for a parking garage. WHY? NOBODY EVER COMES HERE. YOU’RE FIRED.

Reblob June 8, 2018