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So as a lover of biology, I also enjoy vulture culture (collecting and preserving dead things). My brother has a farm and recently gave me a couple of duck heads to clean the skulls. Well, after a couple of days, all but one went missing. I was like, what the heck, they were all under the bucket. So I dug around the now soft soil and I found these creepy little beauties! American Burying Beetles! They’re the culprits in my missing heads. I did some research and discovered they’re considered “critically endangered”. It was super cool to find so many (15+). I just left them be and covered them back up, so they could bury themselves back underground. Thought I’d share these rare, (not so) little gems with you.

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@nanonaturalist I was made aware by a kind anon that Nicrophorus americanus has an orange spot on and right behind their head. My beetles did not. It’s obviously still in the genus Nicrophorus. Maybe some people can help finding the species? Please and thank you!

I dug a bit, and looks like you have Nicrophorus carolinus [link]

There are lots of these beetles and they all look similar.

Fun fact about these types of beetles!

“Remarkable parental care: adults bury a small carcass, lay eggs in it, and stay to feed the young on regurgitated carrion.”