I love my unicorns :) they grow so fast and I …

I love my unicorns 🙂 they grow so fast and I don’t mind trimming some branches from my plum tree to keep them fat and happy. They are Unicorn Prominent caterpillars (Schizura unicornis), named after the little forward facing projection behind their heads.

I found them only a week or so ago as tiny tiny babies (last photo). And the first one has already started a cocoon! These caterpillars sew together leaves to make their cocoons, though last year, both the ones I raised made them against the glass so I could SEE INSIDE ! (I took pictures and posted them a long time ago. Probably worth a reblog!) My first cocoon from this batch was started on the press-n-seal wrap I put over their water (small hole for their plants to stay fresh), so I cut off that piece and put it on the side of the tank. Not as transparent as before, but still fun!

June 30, 2018