Poll! Whatcha wanna see?!

Right so I have lots of pictures and I know lots of weird stuff and I sometimes go on very strange adventures (?)

And I get the impression people tend to enjoy some things more than others! So, what do y’all want to see more of?

Comment or reblog with suggestions (so I can actually see them), or hell just message me, that works too.


Moar birbs especially their butts

Caterpillars! Finger moths!

Bones n things

Non-animal (plants, but… strange)

Explain this concept I didn’t understand in class but was too embarassed to ask about even though it seemed Relevant to my Interests

Places (ecosystems, hikes, landscapes)

More things in microscopes!

Differences/similarities in bugs from different places (Texas vs Malawi?)

How to do a thing?

Let me know what you would like to see and I’ll work my magic!

June 29, 2018