Anyone see where my stick boy went? Once agai…

Anyone see where my stick boy went?

Once again I am The Person to contact re: native Texan stick insects. Last year everybody wanted to get their hands on Megaphasma eggs (and I had 300 to spare!). This year, a Well Known entomologist needs photos of Diapheromera tamaulipensis (the guy on my face!) and D. persimilis for a book he is writing on Texas insects. He found me through iNat (although he’s friends with a friend of mine, small world!), and asked for hints on where to find them since he and his wife will be in town in August.

I was like, dude, I have hundreds of these in my yard just come over PS I already have two adult females. He was super excited, and asked if I should ship them to him along with adult males if I could find them. And I was like, no problem.

I found three adult males today. And I wasn’t even looking for them. Really, I’m not joking when I say hundreds. These things are practically crawling out of my ears.

June 30, 2018