@nanonaturalist I thought you’d like to see this cinnabar moth that emerged today.

Oh! This is good!! He reminds me of the Yellow-collared Scape Moths that come to my porch lights here in Texas:

I have never seen one of yours before, so I looked them up. Very interesting!

It’s a White-tipped/Red-shouldered Ctenucha moth! This is the iNaturalist species page [link] with some more information about them. Looks like they only live on the west coast of North America! Let’s check out the caterpillar!

Wow! This is Jim Johnson’s iNaturalist observation page [link] of the baby. Cute! You can see they use their hairs to make their cocoons.

You may wonder how I figured out who this was if I’ve never seen one before. I used iNaturalist! The app and website will try to identify what you saw:

iNaturalist isn’t always right, but for most things I’ve looked up, it’s usually pretty close. Obligatory shout-out to @inaturalist ❤️ (y’all know I love you).

I was right about the similarity to my scape moths. They’re cousins!

I love these moths! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

July 4, 2018