I am so in love with my Vine Sphinx babies ❤️ …

I am so in love with my Vine Sphinx babies ❤️ Like all other sphinx moths, they have a “horn” or a “tail,” but as they grow, the tail disappears. My fat sausage has a shiny smooth bottom.

It’s so funny comparing the newborns with the older caterpillars, especially considering how much they eat. I came home from work and the sausage had destroyed the three strands of possum grape vines I gave him last night. He is probably going to pupate soon, but I still have the baby and at least four unhatched eggs. I’m going to have to start climbing the ladder to reach fresh vines for them all!!

These caterpillars are so nice and smooth. I love caterpillars large enough to kiss (because then you can kiss them!) and this is definitely in my top three.

I included some photos of an adult Vine Sphinx I saw last year so you can see what these babies turn into. If you want a large moth, you need a giant caterpillar!

July 6, 2018