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Gulf Fritillary Update! See the original post for these guys here [link]. The oldest caterpillar is now a third instar (meaning it has molted twice) and has some very fancy spines! They keep getting things stuck in their spines, like pieces of leaf, poop, their siblings molted head capsule… They are very happily eating their passion vine leaves, and they are actually growing very fast considering how much they’re eating (which isn’t actually that much!)

Of the four eggs I found, two hatched (I also found four caterpillars later). The other two… are getting interesting. They both looked like they were about to hatch (I could see the caterpillars inside!) but now… One of them is mostly empty with a dried up mass, and the other looks like it’s cookies n’ cream flavored. I put both in enclosed containers in case they have parasites inside. I want to see who they are!

Photos from July 2 / Posted July 4, 2018

Save me

8 caterpillars and 3 more eggs. My passion vine is running out of leaves. Send help.

July 8, 2018