So many moths / So little time | Bonfire

So many moths / So little time | Bonfire:



Moth Shirt Fundraiser, Y’all!

If you follow me you know (1) I am up to my neck in caterpillars (2) I LOVE getting people excited about bugs and nature, online, in person, and everywhere in between. 

If you know me in real life, you also know I am (3) up to my *ears* in car problems. Driving back and forth across Texas every week = CAR PROBLEMS holy carp. Please help support me through what I hope is my last car crisis (and get a cute/dorky moth shirt in the process). 

If I can meet my goal of 50 shirts, this fundraiser will completely pay off my mechanic bill. (hallelujah). Bonfire lets people set their own profits, and I priced these things as low as I could without giving them away for free at lower volumes. 

Fun fact! This campaign ends the same day National Moth Week starts: July 21! Learn more about National Moth Week here! [link] 

If you like what I do and want to support me, but can’t afford a shirt, please consider a reblob <3

Also if you can’t afford a shirt remember that @nanonaturalist has a Ko-Fi account where you can support the endeavor to fill the internet with ever more crawly critters.

Here it is:

Yes yes that thing. I’ve been meaning to make a good default “signature” line with all my links but there are TOO MANY MOTHS and NOT ENOUGH TIME. Like this booger who wouldn’t fly away so I stood in the yard for an hour poking him and he just kept crawling onto my shoulder and peeing on me and NOT GOING ANYWHERE meanwhile I was getting destroyed by mosquitos and dying of heat stroke and not writing tumblr posts.

But anyways [time = money], therefore [money = time], consequently [buy a moth shirt/donate to kofi fund -> more time for NanoNaturalist to slave over caterpillars to bring you Quality Moth Content like the above]

I haven’t had time to finish that post about Take Your Caterpillars Grocery Shopping Day, but oh man if I could afford internet at home, you bet I would have posted it by now!

12 days left to get yer moth shirt!

(moth is the second Snowberry Clearwing All Grown Up! Oh hey I’m at work with internet I should upload the video of this exact moth pupating!)

July 9, 2018