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• Still in bed at 11:30 am because I’m a grown-ass adult and I can
• Hear a *thump* on my bedroom window
• huh
• What have I done to become so blessed? Has the Cicada God deemed me worthy? Is this the karma I have been so patiently waiting for?
• Thank you for the beautiful song, sweet boy 😭

June 23, 2018

Oh right I forgot to mention: the window is closed. The sound you hear is through double-paned glass. These things are so loud they can actually hurt your ears.

@dratinimartini​ I am indeed so blessed 😭Please enjoy

Cicadas I Have Loved

Posted previously (POST-MOLT GIFSET) here [link]

Cicadas of the world. Top left: The first cicada I ever saw. Auckland, New Zealand in 2007. Top right and bottom photos were two cicadas I saw in Malawi last year (2017).

Some Texan Babes. A couple of these I posted recently. Check them out:
Scissors Grinder comes out of nowhere and lands on my shirt
Little Mesquite Cicada takes a Superb Dog-day Cicada for a pony ride

I obsessively document all my bugs on iNaturalist. Check out all my cicadas here (including their different screams!) [link]

Also, probably worth mentioning I am A BIG FAN OF SCREAMING BUGS

Above: your humble narrator upon receipt of the best shirt ever [link]

@samwisenichols Yes! It’s True! They Are LOUD. Observe Chapter 24 of the University of Florida Book of Insect Records: LOUDEST [link]:

Those are all cicadas. And the “SPL” in the chart is the sound in decibels. The loudest of the loud cicadas average over 105 dB when measured from 50 cm (approx 20 inches away). But how loud is 105 dB anyway? Check out these scales I stole from this website [link] and vandalized with a beautiful Neotibicen <3

Louder than a chainsaw! 😀

Some species of cicada are so loud, you couldn’t take them into a concert or dance club in the EU without breaking the law! Listening to cicadas scream at 20 inches away for less than 4 minutes can result in irreversible hearing damage.


July 12, 2018