Idk what else this orange dude can be besides a Promethea Moth but I cannot find a single picture of one with orange coloring like this. I’m so curious to know what it is tho, does anyone have any idea??

Sweetbay Silkmoth (Callosamia securifera) [link to iNaturalist page, source of photo below]

When you do moth and butterfly IDs, pay attention to the markings. In your moth, compare the location of the pale spot with your reference photo and the one above. Although there will be some degree of variation in markings, for the most part, the markings on the wings (position, shape, relative size) are the key distinguishing feature between species. Once you learn to “read” a group of moths or butterflies (meaning, you know which features to look for), it’s a lot easier to tell them apart. Color can be important, but it tends to vary a lot more in moths than the location/shape of markings.

In the Sweetbay Silkmoth, I read that the orange color you see is more prevalent in the more southern edge of its range, and that it’s brighter in the females but varies by season. If the photos you saw online were of more northern individuals, you may not have looked closer because of the color difference, so you may not have seen the similarities beyond color.

Very beautiful moth! We don’t get a lot of the really nice eastern species in Texas.

August 3, 2018