there are so many obnoxious shirts for cat/dog lovers but. are there ones for people who keep insects. inquiring minds must know

ok i didn’t find anything like what i had in mind but these are funny in themselves so i’m subjecting you to them anyway

I’m wearing this one right now and I love it

(the artist’s store is but idk if everything is available now)



My friends, allow me to introduce you to BioQuip. They are the place where you buy entomology supplies, such as UV lights to attract moths, enclosures to raise caterpillars, sweep nets to find what critters are in tall grasses (spoiler alert: grasshoppers).

They are also the place to get super nerdy bug shirts [link to their shirt page]

I have this one. On the top row, there are two bees. On the bottom row, there is a fly mimic and a sphinx moth. (Or, not two bees).

I don’t have this one (but I wants it)

You know those tacky sweatshirts from the 90’s that had three cats or dogs on the front, and their butts on the back? (Or am I just old now?). WELL you can have that with arthropods!

Like beetles? How about roaches? Here you go!

Or display your general love for our small friends with a “Sex, Bugs, and Rock ‘n Roll” shirt.

Not really into bugs? More of a lizard person? WELL friend they have some herp shirts too, like these chameleons! They say there are five in this, but I think they’re joking.

Anyway I have ALSO found the kids clothes at Target (of all places) to reliably have some good sciency animal/nature/bug shirts. If you are a smaller size human, the larger kid’s sizes might fit you.

And I am utterly devastated that the shop selling the “Don’t tread on me” shirt (with a SNAKEfly omg genius) is closed and those shirts are unavailable. Like, this shirt is the best thing ever and I NEED IT so bad:

(pssst: none of those are flies it’s hilarious)

August 4, 2018