(via Blue on Vimeo)

I’m still getting the hang of video editing but I took a video of this little guy yesterday. I manage to reduce the camera shake to a minimum as I was leaning over a pond (after a rather horrible work out so holding a camera at arm’s length was painful) to take this. 

It’s been slowed down by 50% and I overlaid sound from the same spot today so you can’t hear my extremely noisy auto focus (I miss my silent Nikon)!

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Very nice video! I’m too lazy to do editing so my videos are usually shaky loud messes. Some stills!

Taking a pidde!

Looks like you have a Celastrina sp. butterfly (a type of Blue). Tried to find the species but this babe is either not in my Euro butterfly book or the species has a lot of variation in patterning.

Interestingly, I found some close matches in my North America book, and the fact that the two best matches I could find were both in Celastrina makes me think I may actually be right!

My North American butterfly book is the Kaufman Guide:

August 5, 2018