Carnivorous plants! All three species shown ab…

Carnivorous plants! All three species shown above are native to Texas, and the pitcher plant is endangered.

Top three photos: Pale Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia alata). Very large! These are filled with a digestive juice, when unfortunate insects fall inside, the plant digests them for nutrition. They grow in thick dense bushy clusters, and some were taller than me! We had to crawl through the swamp to get to them, but it was WORTH IT. I was so overwhelmed by awesomeness that I forgot to look inside! One of the guys on this trip did look into them, and saw a jumping spider chilling at the mouth of one to catch any bugs that were able to climb out.

Bottom three photos: Dwarf Sundew (Drosera brevifolia, left) and Pink Sundew (Drosera capillaris, right and bottom). Very small! These plants catch insects with their sticky sap fingers (not the technical term, what do I look like, a botanist??). These also tend to grow in swampy marshy areas, but I’ve seen them in fields that are dry most of the year.

Photos from Summer/Fall 2017; Posted August 5, 2018