Avian Ink Contest | Travis Audubon

Avian Ink Contest | Travis Audubon:



Hey Austin Peeps! Do you have a sweet birb tattoo? You should enter it into the Travis Audubon Avian Ink contest 😀 I won the contest last year with my Hiroshige-inspired pheasant, and I’m one of the judges this year. Send your photos in to Caley (click the link for her address) by September 7 to be in the running.

^ crappy low-res photo of Vivi the Pheasant

My prize was a gift certificate for a tattoo shop in town, and I’m going to get a cicada… when I have time :X Luckily since I won the contest, I have seen PLENTY of cicadas for inspiration.

August 8, 2018

That pheasant is gorgeous!  I second the cicada tattoo idea, I got a cicada last year :D.

ooooooooooohhhhhhh niiiiiiiccceeeeeeee

I’m trying to figure out what I want as a chest piece (when I have money again ha ha ha ha). For a while I wanted goldfish. But NOW I’m thinking I want hemipterans. The struggle is real.

Cicada would go on the back of my neck to keep my bumble bee company 😀