Submitted by @cuyahogafalls-ohio

Submitted by @cuyahogafalls-ohio

Looks like you have a False Widow spider (Genus Steatoda) there! These are cobweb spiders (Family Theridiidae) that look similar to widows (Genus Latrodectus), but their anatomy is slightly different. Unlike Widows, False Widows do not have medically significant venom.

One of the most common false widows is the Triangulate Combfoot. This spider is fairly small, but it’s very common throughout North America. Here are a few I have seen:

Left: Triangulate Combfoot spider eats Brown Widow eggs (*gasp!*) Center: Triangulate Combfoot chillin Right: Triangulate Combfoot hanging out with a million of her eggs on the front of my house

I think you may have Steatoda grossa, the False Black Widow. Check out this comparison from Bugguide [link to photo source] alongside your photo:

A very nice spider! I hope I see one someday :3

August 8, 2018