@arcticarthropod submitted:

@arcticarthropod submitted:

Would you by any chance happen to know whats on this ladybug?

Congratulations, it’s a fungus! Specifically, Laboulbeniales fungi seems to be particularly common on Asian Lady Beetles (the species of lady beetle in your photo). Bugguide put together a page for these beetles with the fungus [link]. Here are a couple close-up photos from bugguide:

Left: Photo source [link] Right: Photo source [link]

There is additional information on this fungus at the Cornell Mushroom Blog [link]. Apparently these fungi are the closest thing beetles get to fleas. They are annoying, but don’t otherwise seem to affect the health of the beetle. And: they can be transmitted during mating. Beetle STIs! 

Fun photo, thanks for asking about it!

August 8, 2018