Can I call them Drama Queens? Queen caterpill…

Can I call them Drama Queens?

Queen caterpillars are large, fat, stumpy, and full of FIGHT. After a week of growing very fast while eating very little, their appetites have caught up with them. Milkweed does NOT stay fresh very long! The milky sap will clog up the veins when you cut leaves and stems off, so even when I do the trick where you trim the stems under water, they still get soft and droopy in a day. While they were growing slow, I didn’t give them too much food since my milkweed plants are finite. But after this last molt, they started to have traffic jams. I gave them the top of a plant to celebrate their newfound jellyrolls.

Also, first kiss. Review: kinda small, but cool and smooth. A+ would kiss again, but will wait until larger.

This gifset is large, so I’m posting it separately from the Queen Caterpillar liveposting thread [link]. But, I will continue to add updates to that one.

August 11, 2018