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I found these mystery eggs last week, and not being able to identify them has been driving me crazy. Well, last night, THEY HATCHED!!!!

But what could they be? Super fuzzy? Head dongles? (They look like they’re wearing earmuffs!)

Well, they are Tussock Moths!!!! These are the caterpillars with the four fuzzy tufts on their back, plus more super long hairs at their head and booty. I have only seen a couple Tussock caterpillars and moths before, most of them in Africa (and NOT at my house!) so this is EXCITING!!!!!

The eggs were on hackberry, but they hadn’t started eating the hackberry leaves I left for them, so this morning I gave them some oak and rose leaves to consider. I have no idea what species these are, and may not know until they get bigger, so I have to keep them fat and happy.

September 5, 2018

Good news! They eat oak and hackberry! They are over-crowded in their little container so babies will get an upgrade tonight.

September 5, 2018

Cutie pies finished hatching/eating their eggshells and they make the cutest, tiniest yellow poops.

What a mess!

I’ll be continuing this round of caterpillar liveposting in a new thread, so people can see the babs without the unsettling egg raft

September 6, 2018