@psychicbouquetofstars submitted:

@psychicbouquetofstars submitted:

My friend’s little garden has a little assassin bug in it! I had one last year in my garden and I watched him grow up until he flew away… anyways thought you’d enjoy him!!!

Yes I love him. Assassin bugs are one of my favorite insects (shhhhh don’t tell the moths). I recently caught a cluster of eggs hatching (and the newborns always have a dance party after they squeeze out)[link to previous post]. Your baby is related (I’m pretty sure, anyway) to the Zelus renardii (Leafhopper assassins) I have fairly reliably:

Top left is a very gravid mama, top right is a newly molted baby, bottom two are older babies dooting around. 

Below, a completely unrelated Scudder’s katydid nymph who mimics the assassins!

Thanks for sharing!

September 9, 2018