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Can someone please tell me this was a pair that was trying to do the death spiral that mating birds of prey do, and somehow in the process they ended up stuck on a road sign.

Because if it is, this is definitely one of the funniest “Okay, maybe we WERE a little bit over our head when we started this…” moments.

I doubt it. One of these birds is a juvenile (the top) while the other is an adult (bottom). The juvenile would have no interest in mating.

Honestly when I see hawks doing stupid stuff 9/10 times its a harris hawk—this seriously just looks like one of those stupid hawks time. They are one of the only social raptors, so this leads to some funny things, like


The harris hawk argument for stacking is “your back is less Pokey than a cactus so imma use it”

Not even falconers are safe…

They even hold hands

Please, what are you doing harris hawks, learn how to hawk

Obligatory Harris Hawk gif

Handler works with Austin Wildlife Rescue’s raptor rehab center. They do a presentation on the Raptors of Texas every year and it’s very good with excellent bird friends.

September 9, 2018