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@tea-and-whiskers submitted:

Found this guy outside our living room window. He is very big (almost as big as a quarter). I live in Northern Kentucky and have never seen anything like this. Can you help identify him?

WOAH this fly is HUUGEEE! Pretty sure this is a fly in family Tabanidae (Deer and Horse Flies)[link], due to size, antennae, mouthparts, and head shape. Also, these things get big.

I have not seen too many of these flies, but the two I have are this beauty from Malawi:

And this jerk in east Texas who bit me and scared off the carpenter bee who was making out with my shirt:

I think these ones are the deer flies because the horseflies seem to look a little different based on what’s in bugguide, but I am NOT good with my flies so this is the best I can do for now!

Also, I believe you have a female. Male flies tend to have heads that are basically just all eyes, but the females will have space in between their eyes (and they’ll be more rounded in the center of their faces).

September 9, 2018

That second yellow fly is a (wait for it….)

Yellow Fly! (Yes that is the common name)

Despite being small and super cool looking, these dudes are considered the most aggressive fly in Florida (and maybe elsewhere in the US.)

I got bit by one on the toe when I was there! 

Genus: Diachlorus

YES thank you

What jerks