Excuse me WHY does something that smol need 12…

Excuse me WHY does something that smol need 1260 chromosomes???

wild fun fact: as far as biology can determine, there is actually very little correlation between the ‘complexity’ of an organism and the amount of DNA it has. most of those 1260 chromosomes are most likely non-coding junk regions that have accidentally built up over the millenia and do literally nothing and are just copied and passed on. a ton of crazy shit can happen in evolution, and when it doesn’t do anything bad, it just kinda…..hangs out, which sometimes results in a huge amount of DNA accumulating that just….is completely nonfunctional. 

it also should be noted that for some reason ferns are really, really good at doing some crazy shit with their chromosomes when they fuck. i would explain it here except i do not understand it past that sentence. if there was gonna be an organism in the world with 1260 chromosomes, it does not surprise me in the least that it would be a fern. they just be like that