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Texas: When it Rains, It’s Fire Ants

For every one mound you treat, they build three more.

September 10, 2018

Could be worse. Could be leaf cutter ants, driver ants, Africanized bees…

Leaf cutter ants wouldn’t chew holes in my walls and swarm all over the inside of my house every time it rains! I got stung on my foot this weekend because these jerks were all over my stairs, and I had to tear up the carpet to seal up the hole. They’re moving up since I finally blocked off all their inlets downstairs. Pretty soon they’ll be swarming all over my bedroom upstairs.

I can’t go in my yard wearing anything less than knee-high boots, and I can’t mow or do any gardening without disturbing at least one nest like this.  The above gif was from when I was weed whacking yesterday and accidentally hit a mound.

Any baby bird that falls out of their nest is almost immediately totally engulfed in a swarm of fire ants like this. If they get bored, they’ll climb the trees and get them while they’re still in the nests.

I mean, give me driver ants. I sometimes get the males, and they definitely have never come into my house and attacked me.

I’ll gladly trade the fire ants for Africanized bees.

September 11, 2018