so while i was waiting for class to start i was browsing inaturalist and then the professor (jokingly, lightheartedly, not aggressively) asked me if i was ready to start because he didnt want to interrupt my texting

i didnt want to seem disrespectful so i put the phone away and said “oh…. i wasnt texting….” so hes like ok what were you doing and again, not wanting to seem disrespectful i decided to be honest and said, in the most dignified way i could manage, “…….looking at a mushroom…….”

so this is what i mean when i tell people the meds are making my social anxiety better so now its painfully obvious how bad my social skills are

A friend saw some good mushrooms once and stopped to take photos to send to me. A police car pulled up and the cop started interrogating my friend about why he was photographing mushrooms (they were on the median of a residential street). Friend tried to explain, and the cop was very hostile about me presumably being a shroom smoking drug addict or something.

Funny enough, at the time I was actually taking a mycology class where we had to find mushrooms of various taxa for spore prints and whatnot, and friend was trying to find out if I wanted those ones 😂

Words to use instead of “mushroom” because People Don’t Get It:

  • Fungus/fungi
  • Fungal fruiting body
  • Mycology

Somewhat related, I told my neighbor I was a biologist to explain why my back yard looks like a constant disaster area. I mean, technically I’m not lying?

But back to mushrooms. It’s been raining for a week in Texas so it’s a fungus wonderland

September 12, 2018