Ok so I live in Georgia and the best way I hav…

Ok so I live in Georgia and the best way I have found to get rid of fire ants and not kill the native ants with poisons is this. Keep in mind this is a long but effective process. Get a big shovel and a big kettle of boiling water, put the shovel DEEP into the mound and turn it over trying to preserve the tunnels. Pour at least 3 pots of boiling water into the mound making sure to pour it into the tunnels. Repeat this for EVERY MOUND YOU SEE for several days to months if you can.

I would easily drain the aquifers attempting this. Over 20 mounds, many of which are nestled into the root systems of my plants. They decided to build a mound that covers the base of my fig tree, for example. One of their nests is *in* the pot my candlestick tree is planted in. And I don’t know how to get boiling water into the walls of my house.

I did try the boiling water method when I first moved into my house from Austin city limits (not nearly as much of a fire ant problem there), naïvely thinking it was possible to get rid of them. I almost poured an entire pot of boiling water on myself several times in the process (can’t prop doors open because mosquitos). Not to mention: I will hit a fire ant nest when I dig a hole in my yard every single time, unless I’m lucky and find crazy ants instead (we have some native species and they seem an even match for holding off the fire ants). Attacking the mounds will only get them to make more somewhere else.

I’ve basically given up. Right now it’s worse than usual with all the rain. They settle down in the winter.

September 12, 2018