What do you do if your baby catterpiliar doesn…

What do you do if your baby catterpiliar doesn't eat the plant you give it? I found what I thought to be an azalea sphinx moth and it laid eggs in the jar I caught it in. According to Google they eat azalea so I went to Lowe's and bought some. I put a sprig of leaves for it to eat but it just crawls around on it. Did I misidentify the moth?

It’s possible you mid-identified the moth. The Azalea Sphinx moth looks very similar to the Virginia Creeper Sphinx (they are in the same genus):


I’ve never seen an Azalea Sphinx myself, but the above photo is a Virginia Creeper Sphinx. Their caterpillars eat vines, like peppervine, Virginia creeper, and grape leaves. 

How old is your caterpillar? They usually don’t start eating for several hours after hatching. Unfortunately, all the newborn Sphinx moths essentially look the same.

Good luck!!

September 13, 2018