Hey huge fan of your blog here! I love your de…

Hey huge fan of your blog here! I love your dedication and passion, and I always read your texts under the pictures but it's really hard for me because there is little spacing between paragraphs. Its just a huge intimidating block of text. Could you maybe help a girl out?

Hi there and thank you! I’m happy you enjoy this blog 🙂 I actually know what you mean and it is something I thought about in the past. My posts tend to be more on the long side and although I often split the text in a couple of paragraphs, they can still look quite chunky. 

The reason why I don’t generally split them further is just so they don’t end up looking even longer than they are, especially on mobile, but if you say this can be perceived as intimidating and it hinders the reader’s experience then it’s worth reconsidering as it’s clearly counterproductive! 

I really appreciate you reading the texts under my photos, it can be frustrating seeing how some of my most successful posts are shared primarily because they are visually appealing, while I invest a considerable amount of time in the researching and writing part, and this is something which has made me wonder more than once whether tumblr is actually the best platform to do what I do.

It probably isn’t, but I like to think the folks which regularly show me appreciation would maybe miss my content here if I started writing somewhere else, in the same way as I’d miss waking up to a new post from my favourite tumblrs if they just left. It has actually already happened (hinting at you here Thomas @pirineodiversityproject!) As long as what I produce on this site gives me a way to have meaningful interaction with plantspeople and share knowledge, I’ll stay. 

So thanks for the good advice and hopefully you and everybody else will get to enjoy my writing even more from now on! (notice how this long post was evenly split into manageable paragraphs!? eheh ;> )