Releasing butterflies during over a week of ra…

Releasing butterflies during over a week of rainstorms has NOT been easy! Yesterday, the last three of my milkweed babies emerged, two Queens and a Monarch. And I could not release them yesterday.

I was out birding all morning, and by the afternoon they were RESTLESS and I gave them some nectar since they were probably hungry. But the turds couldn’t find the nectar. When the weather cleared up, I took them outside, and two of them wanted to be hand-fed before they would leave me. Great chance to show a side-by-side comparison of the two species!

Ignore the color, focus on the pattern instead. Monarch (top) had black veins on the top wing (forewing), while the Queen has white dots only. The white patches on the Monarch are bordered with black, but have no border on the Queen.

The color and size of each species may vary, but the features I mention above are always the same. The Queen has a very restricted range, so unless you are in or near Texas, you are unlikely to meet a Queen.

September 15, 2018