botanyshitposts: not plant related I know but…


not plant related I know but i was walking home and saw the biggest FUCKING caterpillar I’ve EVER seen in my life just LITERALLY chilling on a tree….i left him alone to go about his life but holy shit like…..🅱️ode honestly

Hey I know these sausages! My blog is mostly just me updating my Polyphemus Moth faterpillar livepost right now. For variety’s sake, I just took these a minute ago for this post.

I legit have a bug room where I raise these turds. Yes they have their own room

Can you blame me? Look at this sweet face.

Their poops are as big as their head.

Here’s Mama laying the eggs they hatched from!

Polyphemus moths are very common in North America, ocurring in every US state except not as much in Arizona or Nevada, and in Canada as well. They will eat just about every leafy woody plant except hackberry.

October 6, 2018