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not plant related I know but i was walking home and saw the biggest FUCKING caterpillar I’ve EVER seen in my life just LITERALLY chilling on a tree….i left him alone to go about his life but holy shit like…..🅱️ode honestly

Hey I know these sausages! My blog is mostly just me updating my Polyphemus Moth faterpillar livepost right now. For variety’s sake, I just took these a minute ago for this post.

I legit have a bug room where I raise these turds. Yes they have their own room

Can you blame me? Look at this sweet face.

Their poops are as big as their head.

Here’s Mama laying the eggs they hatched from!

Polyphemus moths are very common in North America, ocurring in every US state except not as much in Arizona or Nevada, and in Canada as well. They will eat just about every leafy woody plant except hackberry.

October 6, 2018

oh my god theres so many im dying

also i saw on one of ur other posts u brought them in to see a class of first graders and like do u kno how this would have blown my mind as a first grader… a sophomore in college and the sheer Sausageness is blowing my mind like i would have just lost my shit man 

@nanonaturalist eyyy! Do you raise them professionaly or for fun? I guess what I’m really asking is do you have a bug room in your house? If so, right on.

That depends on what you mean by “professionally,” “fun,” and “or”!

If what you’re really asking is “Do you really have a bug room in your house?” Then the answer is 100% yes and only because I finally moved the bugs out of my kitchen! I had grand plans for a workbench, but I’m also broke with no free time or energy, so I’d put it off. Recently, though, in desperation and want of using my kitchen to COOK FOOD, I asked my friends for advice, and my friends who raise tarantulas said they just use plywood and cinderblocks, and I went with that.


The bug room was nice and organized for about five minutes, then it went back to looking like my kitchen, except now it takes up an entire workbench and not just a small portion of my kitchen counter. You can’t see from this photo, but there’s also a giant litter box and a stack of storage bins in front of the window the cats like to lounge in (six cats), so it’s not just a bug room.


Where are the giant green sausages?! Calm down, they’re in here. Pop-up laundry hampers hanging from clothes’ hangers! On the left: Cecropia moth cocoons. On the right: Twelve (12) Polyphemus sausages. They’re at the stage now where they are stripping branches bare three times a day! Hungry babs!

BUT back to the question about if I do this “professionally” “or” “for fun”
The answer: Yes!

Are you kidding!? Look at these squishy sausages! I love these stupid turds so much I can’t keep them to myself. My favorite thing to do is share them with people. Obviously, that’s what I do on this hellsite. But I also bring them to schools (apparently), the grocery store (I mean, ya gotta), work (the flufferbutts need to get released on their own schedule!). I also bring them to nature day open house events, where I get to share them with people who show up specifically to learn about nature???

Meanwhile… last year I joined a volunteer-run service organization called Texas Master Naturalists. When I joined, my chapter didn’t have somebody focusing on outreach, so I basically just started doing outreach on my own without being associated with any particular organization. But the people running my master naturalist chapter figured out real quick that I was The Person to Do Outreach. So, now I’m the Director of Outreach and Education for a 501©(3) non-profit organization… and one of the things I do for outreach is I raise caterpillars and bring them to schools and nature days. This is a volunteer position, so you could argue how professional I am, but nobody will deny I’m serious about it.

October 6, 2018