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Barn Owls are THE BEST. They are in a separate family from all other North American owls, and instead of whoo hoooting they do the TV STATIC SCREAM FROM YOUR NIGHTMARES.

Gotta love the raptor presentations at the state parks! This was at Lockhart State Park tonight at our Master Naturalist meeting. These presenters rehabilitate injured birds of prey through Austin Wildlife Rescue (, an organization that always NEEDS VOLUNTEERS to help out with the adorable baby animals. If you’re in Central Texas, check them out!

June 18, 2018

Not even kidding, listen to this adorable baby Satan

@avandra, our lovely hellsite has blocked your link. But it’s very important that the world know about these precious babies.

And of course the app blocks the embedded video

If the above is a clickable link, it’s entirely possible tumblr will break the link on purpose to give you an error page. If that happens, copy and paste like it’s 1999 🙄

This hellsite

Mobile app (L) vs website ®. Notice any differences?

I tried to fix this in my last reblog, but if you’re on mobile, my reblog is one sentence long. Website? See below.

So, if your app is depriving you of the sweet innocent song of a perfect baby owlet, please manually type out the url above like it’s 1994 🙄🙄🙄