Hey , here appear a cute caterpillar and if th…

Hey , here appear a cute caterpillar and if the birds eat the most of them I will extract and try to care and free them … can you give me advices ? It's a "lagarta-cobra "

Hello! I didn’t recognize the name of the caterpillar, so I had to look it up, and WOW! They are snake mimics, and will inflate their bodies to take the shape of a snake’s head! They are found primarily in Central America, although it seems like they can range from Mexico to South America.


Images from iNaturalist User Catta [link to original]

This caterpillar is a young Sphinx moth, and it seems like “lagarta-cobra” refers to the genus Hemeroplanes [link]. I can’t find information on host plants, but if you recognize the plants the caterpillars are found on, that’s what you would want to feed them.

It sounds like you are saving them from the birds. Are they injured? If a caterpillar has a very minor injury, they can survive, but I don’t know if they can survive attacks from birds. If I have a caterpillar who is very sick or seriously injured, the best I can do is to euthanize them by putting them in the freezer. I’m always really sad when I have to do that, but it’s the kindest act when I know the caterpillar won’t survive.

I hope your babies are okay! Thank you for rescuing them!

October 22, 2018