the botanical society of america’s new database of botany education tools. unfortunately, most of what i’m seeing is still geared towards younger middle/high school students, but there are still some good resources in there if you look. my quest to find easily accessible botany things for teens and adults just wanting to learn and have a good time continues

I’ve been collecting ideas for WEIRD and GROSS ANIMAL STUFF to put into a book. There’s so much out there that people don’t know about (and I swear people would be so into science if they had any idea). And right now, this info is all locked away in $200 textbooks and hidden under piles of boring details the average person doesn’t care about. 

Did you know there’s a bird that will poop out its entire digestive system before undertaking a massively long migration, and upon arriving at its final destination, will regrow a new one?

Did you know ducks are so rapey that in some species, the female ducks have evolved decoy vaginas so they can still choose who fertilizes their eggs?

Did you know insects will eat their old skin after they’re done molting?

I’m drowning in facts like this. People need to KNOW this stuff!!

October 25, 2018


The metabolism of the eastern bar-tailed godwit allows it to survive long-distance migration by absorbing and then rebuilding tissue from its organs. [link]

Couldn’t find a source verifying if a bird literally poops out its guts, but this is the bird. Looks like they “just” absorb the tissues from various digestive organs for energy to migrate, then grow them back when they arrive. They fly from Alaska to New Zealand every year!

October 25, 2018