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@nanonaturalist what is this guy i love him?

Aaahhhhhhh Belostomatidae!!! Also known as a Giant Water Bug, this is a family of very large (in size) aquatic hemipterans (true bugs). They are also predatory and are sometimes called “toe-biters.” They eat other aquatic insects, but also amphibians, fish, and some birds. And, yes, that’s right, they fly.

Some more info on these friends!

Bugguide [link]

University of Florida Entomology [link]

I have not been so blessed to meet a living one, but I did encounter them in a somewhat unexpected place:

They are good eatings, if you’re into that sort of thing! And look at how EXPENSIVE!

November 20, 2018

@free-spirit-roaming, my friend, these absolutely do not taste like watermelons. I asked my coworker for her expert opinion (she’s Cambodian, lived in Thailand for a while before coming to the US, ate a TON of bugs along the way, and very much regretted eating these ones). 

I suppose if you have to categorize the flavor, “savory” is closer than “fruity,” but if they taste anything like the way that giant cockroach smelled after I unknowingly steamed it in my electric kettle one fateful day a few years back… better descriptors might be musky, earthy, or foreboding. It very well may be an acquired taste.

November 21, 2018