Adventures in Giant Caterpillars

Earlier today, I posted this ask from @witchyfishyfun [link] about a wandering prepupal Imperial Moth caterpillar. Well. Guess what?

We staged a secretive handover in a parking lot off an interstate.


I was right about baby being prepupal, he had turned PINK! by the time I picked him up! For whatever reason, many caterpillars tend to turn pink before pupating.

I love him!!!

Okay, enough nonsense, let’s let him pupate already. I gave him the Bowl o’ Dirt with Leaf Garnish, snapped the lid on, and put him in the nice, cool, dark garage.


November 8, 2018

I took a peek!

Bowl o’ Dirt with Leaf Garnish, but hmmmmmmmm where is the baby???

Leaf Garnish removed. Hard to see in this photo, but there is a large bump where SOMEBODY may have burrowed underground.

This is the bottom of the clear plastic bowl. I can see a cavity with a green friend inside. He could be in diapause (hibernation) as a prepupa, and he’ll pupate when the weather changes a bit more. The pupae are almost always a dark brown, the green color would only be present in a VERY fresh pupa.

We’ll just have to wait a little longer and see!

November 21, 2018