This might be extremely gross for some but I r…

This might be extremely gross for some but I recently found a nest of carpet beetles in an unused room of my house. One of the larvae pupated and has become an actual beetle. I'm in love with these seemingly pest-like creatures please tell me how I can get rid of them without hurting them so my family doesn't find out and kill them. If you can't I understand, they are considered pests more than anything but they're so cute. All those spots on their backs and tiny legs and wings and asfdgh sorry

uhhhh I think the only way to get rid of them without harming them is to just remove them by hand one by one? I know that is a super unsatisfactory answer because they are so small and easy to miss. 

But my dude I totally agree, they are adorable. I used to play with the ones I found in my house. I was also the girl in my house that prevented my family from killing the bugs when possible so I totally get ya. Good luck with them.