Electron Microscope Requests

Y’all, it feels like the world is ending.

  • Tumblr is … dying?
  • I had/have a sinus infection (going on week 6 now) and my doctor did not joke around with the antibiotics. Please say a prayer for my microbiome, RIP
  • Texas got cold and all the trees are naked
  • Oh yeah I’m getting laid off. COOL.

That last one doesn’t really affect The Bugs/this blog in the scheme of things, except for one thing: the electron microscope. I haven’t used it too often for posts, but I’ll probably never have access to one again, and I did buy my own set of supplies so I wouldn’t be using company materials recklessly.

So! Anything you wanna see REAL CLOSE? Requirements: should be dry/dry-able, small (ish), something I could realistically find. Doesn’t have to be nature related!

My “official” last day is Feb 28, but I’m leaving earlier if I can!

December 5, 2018

@cassyblue I did some butterfly wings in this post [link], but I do have a pile of moths on my desk ready for their turn! (also a flea!!)